Vacation Check Around Home, Car & Finance

Vacation Check Around Home, Car & Finance

July 2, 2019
Catherine Buchanan

They have to pack their bags, prepare their finances and papers, and those who travel by car to mountains, islands or beaches have to prepare them for the long journey in advance. Only when you know everything done, you can go on holiday with a good feeling and enjoy the journey to the fullest.

Holiday check around the house

Holiday check around the house

Unsubscribe from newspapers

If the letterbox swells, it is often an indication to potential burglars that it has not been emptied for a long time because no one is home. Therefore, you should unsubscribe from newspapers and magazines while you are away. If you subscribe to a magazine, publishers often offer to pause with the delivery in the meantime. The subscription is then extended accordingly backwards. You can usually unsubscribe from daily newspapers as well. Some of them offer to donate them to benevolent purposes.

Alternatively, you can store your newspapers for a fee or have them sent to the resort. For other mail, you should also leave a key to the letterbox for a neighbor, family member or friend and ask him to teach it to you on a regular basis.

Secure windows and doors

According to studies, burglars prefer to go into a house less well visible places. Therefore, make sure to securely lock balcony doors, windows, or the cellar door that are off the street before you leave. If you want to further reduce the risk of burglary, you can have special, burglar-resistant doors installed according to DIN 18103. These are doors with a certain resistance time against the violent attempt to open them. For example, they have a particularly sturdy door leaf, reinforced striking plates or multiple locking.

Program timers

With timers, light and shutters can be programmed so that they automatically turn on and off or go on and off. This deters potential burglars from the outset, because the house is thus animated.

Tip: If you have such timers, remember to program them. Otherwise, plan to install them in good time prior to departure. Corresponding plugs are usually found in every well-stocked hardware store.

Holiday check car

Holiday check car

If you plan to travel by car, you usually use it more than usual. They drive a long distance at a stretch and probably carry a large amount of luggage. To ensure proper functioning and safety during the entire journey, you should first of all thoroughly service the car. Experienced car owners can carry out this trip check independently. If you are unsure, you should go to a car repair shop. The following points should include an all-round check for your vehicle:

  • Check the tires. This includes:
    • tread depth
    • wear
    • Older
    • print
  • Test if the lighting works. In addition to the dipped and low beam, you should also think about the main beam, the rear fog lamps and brake lights.
  • Check the brakes for functionality.
  • Check if the windscreen wiper system including spray water is working. If necessary, replace the rubber of the windscreen wiper and refill with liquid.
  • Also check:
    • oil level
    • coolant
    • brake fluid
  • Test contacts and charge the battery.

Driver’s license and vehicle documents

In addition, with this form of travel check, remember that you must carry a driver’s license and vehicle documents while driving. Keep them handy while you’re on vacation. However, do not leave the vehicle registration card in your parked car, which would make thieves too easy a game to sell your vehicle.

Safety vests, warning triangle, first aid kit

It is also important that you have enough safety vests. The regulation varies by country, so check in advance how many safety vests you need to carry. In addition, a valid first aid kit and a warning triangle are indispensable.

environment badge

Depending on which city or country you are traveling to, you should also clarify in advance whether and which environmental badge you need and to what extent your car meets the relevant emission standards. Information can be obtained from your local TV.

air conditioner

Check that your air conditioner is fully functional to ensure a comfortable ride to warmer latitudes.


If you or your family enjoy listening to music while driving, check that your radio is working properly. This also plays a role in listening to traffic jam announcements and tips on congestion avoidance.

Holiday check finances

Holiday check finances

To be able to pay safely abroad, you should buy a credit card. Such a method also enables cashless payments abroad. As a result, there is no need to carry large sums of cash that could be stolen from you on the road in the worst case scenario: If you lose or steal your cash, you usually will not receive any compensation. You can have your credit card blocked 24 hours a day after you notice the loss. Thieves can not have large sums of money from their account.

Nevertheless, you can pack a small amount of cash, for example, to pay for taxi drivers or bellboys, who often have no change. Experts recommend about one third of the travel fund as a guideline. In non-European countries, you must always include the exchange fee.

  • Set budget: Insert a budget frame before you travel. So you can calculate your finances optimally and minimize the risk of overdrawing your current account on vacation. Plan for a slightly higher budget for unforeseen cases, such as a medical condition: Abroad, you often have to pay doctor or hospital costs locally. You will receive these after your return from the respective health insurance in Germany.
  • Storage of cash: Always keep valuables and cash as close to the body as possible and divide this into several persons. If you live in a hotel during your stay abroad, you will need to rent a hotel safe in order to keep valuables safe. Even in apartments or on campsites, this option is increasingly available. It is best to inform yourself in advance at the respective tour operator.
  • Write down precaution and emergency number: Write down the emergency block number of your EC or credit card in order to be able to react immediately in case of emergency and to have it blocked.

General Travel Check: What else is there to consider?

General Travel Check: What else is there to consider?

Watering Flowers: Clarify in advance who can take care that your flowers are watered regularly

Nurture Pets: Do you have pets that you can not take with you on your trip? Depending on what kind of pet you are, you should definitely clarify in advance who is taking the animal or regularly comes to your home and supplies this.

Identity documents: Depending on whether you travel within Europe or to more distant destinations, you will need your identity card or a passport or visa. Inform yourself promptly about necessary papers with your tour operator, with authorities or on-line and request the documents in time before the departure (compute thereby necessarily sufficient processing time for the administration with!).

First-aid kit and vaccinations: Before starting your journey, have your doctor or pharmacist advise you on which medications and inoculations you need in the respective destination country. Remember to pack your individual medication in sufficient quantities. Obtain a heat-resistant bag to store medicines safely without losing their effect (for example, due to intense heat or moisture). Please refer to the instructions in the package leaflet.

Short travel checklist for holiday preparation

Short travel checklist for holiday preparation

  • Call a familiar person for emergencies the mobile number or the address of the resort
  • Turn off water, gas and heating
  • Pull plugs of electrical appliances
  • Close windows and doors securely
  • Pack insurance and financial papers
  • Refuel the car
  • Take driver’s license and vehicle documents