Delayed the basic accounts? See tips to avoid cutting

Delaying bills for electricity, water, gas and internet can put you in an emergency, since without any prior notice these services can be cut off. But, without despair that for all problems there is a solution, and for this we have brought some tips that will help you avoid sudden cuts and if you plan to put your expenses up to date.

Saving up

Saving up

Stop taking long baths! If your bath is usually short, taking about 15 minutes, decrease even more! Did you know that 15 minutes with the shower on can spend 135 liters of water? Reduce this amount by taking a 5 minute bath. And yes it is possible and still stay clean, you simply turn off the shower during breaks to lather, for example. Taking this new habit saves you up to 90 liters of water.

You do not even have to call attention to the tap on while you brush your teeth or do the dishes, do you? 15 minutes with the tap open consumes 240 liters of water. Try to wet the dishes, rub and rinse at one time. Your pocket and the environment will thank you!

But do not think that the savings end there

Do you need to take a hot bath in summer? Adjust your showerhead. A 15-minute hot bath consumes an average of 41 kWh, a figure that becomes heavy for your pocket by the end of the month.

Still using fluorescent or incandescent bulbs?

Still using fluorescent or incandescent bulbs?

You’re doing it wrong. Replace with LED bulbs, although they seem more expensive at the time of purchase, its cost outweighs when the bill comes in, because they will consume up to 4 times less.

In addition to cutting out unnecessary expenses, you can count on the Financial Group to avoid the risk of having your services canceled. Apply for a personal loan online with us, quickly and without any paperwork. With us you can get your bills up to date!

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