Good Finance Know the History of Personal Payday Loan

Consignment History , an extract in which all your contracted services are listed, that is, it is a complete report of all the transactions and loans that you have made in a period of 5 years.

Understand how this history works and learn how to accessservants, retirees and pensioners

Understand how this history works and learn how to accessservants, retirees and pensioners

In it, you find important information not only from current contracts but also from contracts already closed. Through it you can consult:

  • The loan granting bank
  • Contact number
  • Values ​​and number of plots
  • Initial and final date of the contract
  • Margin assignable

This document may be required by financial institutions and banking correspondents in the payroll loan applications as a way of confirming the customer’s data and checking if there is available assignable margin for contracting the credit.

In addition, Good Finance allows the applicant to have greater financial control , as he will have an extract with all the amounts already requested for the loan. Therefore, you are aware of your transactions and free of possible irregularities.

Who can apply?

Who can apply?

Good Finance can be requested by INSS retirees and pensioners , benefit holders, legal representatives or persons in possession of powers of attorney.

There are specific situations that lead us to consider whether applying for a loan is worth it. Each person has their reasons for thinking about acquiring credit, such as setting up a business or taking out debts. Most common reasons to apply for a loan .

How to cast Good Finance?

How to cast Good Finance?

Good Finance’s request can be made in two ways: In person , at the service stations, and through the internet , on the My INSS website.

INSS Service Station

To receive face-to-face assistance, simply go to the nearest social security agency and take your photo ID. To expedite your service and avoid queues, you can schedule the service through 135 Service Center .


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